Dreamwalkers Ep 1

My premiere attempt at fantasy writing………hope you like it


Whether I was awake or asleep was inconsequential – it scared me all the same. I stood in the middle of the road seemingly rooted to the spot. I wanted to move but I didn’t try……I just felt I couldn’t or wouldn’t….not sure which but i didn’t try.

I saw them walk towards me – beautiful and instead of jealousy at their almost perfect forms, I felt fear – the kind that creeps up your spine and engulfs your brain to the point your body forgets to feel and breathe and only the pain of suffocation forces your reflexes to function.

Rumor had it that Ynak and Ykan were prodigies excelling at level seven warcraft at age 13 – there are seven levels and at age 23, I’m at level 3.5. This was in part due to training received from the legendary Kayan Kai and part destiny

They walked towards me now their black skirts flowing in the wind and their hair unusually still in contrast. ‘The Twins’ – at least that’s what everyone called them and they came to visit in whatever realm they felt comfortable – physical or meta-physical – today, I wasn’t sure which it was.

They were the leaders of our tribe ‘the dreamwalkers’ and only showed up for commendations, assingments and punishments and certainly not for younger members of the tribe. My brain started to run through the events of the last two days- who did I talk to, what did I do – I had finished my last mission in Dlicat, the next town and I thought it went well so…….

‘Soraney Lita’, and my brain snapped to attention – she had called my name and I had to focus……



  1. Hey hey,

    I’m a fan of fantasy… curious where this one leads though. Curious…

    BTW, thanks for dropping by the other day. I’ve had this page on my browser for over 3 days now, just been too lazy to read.

    Write on…

    1. Hey, thanks so much to be honest I’ve been having some trouble garnering enough crazy to finish up the sequel…..lol. Glad you got round to reading. 😀

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