Reality…… pt 1

Some of y’all may know this story already and some may not. Hope you like it either way.

On this day, Anwuli stood leaning against the wall with the really ugly finish and while subconsciously pondering paint colour choices, she studied the young man at the other end of the room. He was in argument with some other members of their art group but at this point, Anwuli had lost track of the cause of the heated debate. He was about average height for a guy, dark and fairly handsome. His slightly curly hair had engendered not a few questions about his ancestry. Most striking of all was his charisma and somehow the beauty held Anwuli captive even in the violence of an argument…no especially in the violence of an argument-the passion he exuded was palpable and infectious and drew everyone to him no matter the cause. Anwuli touched her elbow and then straightened her shirt all the while considering how wonderful being with this man would be- spontaneous expressions of love as well as soft tender-hearted caring, big dreams and private conversations, most likely a long term relationship and children with hair like their father’s. it would be heaven-the ideal man, the ideal life.
The argument had died down and people returned to their easels one after the other still throwing comments across the studio and the young man laughs-that full kind they say comes from the heart..Or is it the stomach I’ve forgotten which. It doesn’t matter anyway because Anwuli, now at her easel, hears only music when he laughs-rich harmonies with flourishing accents like Debussy’s music..She begins to paint an abstraction of this man’s laughter, a representation of joy and she anticipates a masterpiece.
Suddenly, reality walks in wearing jeans and a tank top with ornaments and baubles on her neck and wrists. She creeps up on the man from behind and playfully kisses his neck-his eyes light up like he has been in darkness for all his life. He turns and kisses reality on the lips-a short one not enough to convey his love but more than enough to break Anwuli’s heart.

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