Reality pt2

And break it did-all the cracks spewed foul darkness and as with all artists, the colours followed suit. It would still be a masterpiece, one of complexities, pain and an array of evils. Who would love it? Now, that was a totally different issue. She looks up again at her smashed dream and his reality- she was beautiful with that glazed skin typical of those of mixed descent. Her features seemed to hint something North-African – Moroccan maybe? He was showing her off now, going to each easel and presenting his precious gem stone and grinning like a Cheshire cat- Anwuli was pissed, granted the girl was beautiful, drop dead gorgeous even, but that should have been her strutting about the studio with ‘Niyi grinning at her and showing her off. They were getting closer to her now and she pretended not to notice- it was easy as she had music blaring from her iPod and she had chosen a big canvas today. So she continued to paint in dark, dull unhappy colours trying to translate her sadness into forms and lines. Perhaps it was all a bad dream and the Niyi she had been in love with for the last two years she’d spent in Paris did not have a girlfriend, perhaps it wasn’t her classmates surrounding this half-Moroccan girl (she had concluded it must be Moroccan) especially Pierre who just stared in complete awe. She kept painting, perhaps she would snap out of it soon. Then she felt a tap on her board-she had to answer so she looked up, unplugged her earphones and presented her best smile


  1. I love this one! I’m happy u finally posted it! I don’t like Niyi for not seeing the love Anwuli has for him! He’s a guy, guys always know… He’s just mean like every other cock dude out there. 😦

  2. Ok, I know where I have read this story! Nice! I totally feel for anwuli tho’ he is blinded by his morrocoan ♡̨ make she find someone else jare! Kudos ju!

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