Reality pt 3

Reality introduced herself- Anushka and Anwuli felt she had stepped into Pangea or at the very least, a UN conference. She had noticed Anwuli’s surprise at her name and proceeded to explain how her Morrocan father had fallen in love with her Russian mother while in France and her mother had died giving birth to her and how she now lived with her Vietnamese step-mum who was from……..Anwuli smiled quietly and patiently listened to Anushka’s family history- it was hard to hate such a happy talkative person even though she was the reason for the depressing colours on her canvas today. She told herself they could have been good friends if she wasn’t ‘Niyi’s girlfriend. By now Pangea-girl had moved over to see the painting and even though Anwuli was a bit uncomfortable about letting her see her ‘diary’, she let her. Anushka gushed about the painting impressed with the use of colour so far but worried about the state of mind that brought about the colour palette choice. Anwuli made up a story about getting in touch with distant emotions in a bid to change the subject. It worked, and while she involved the studio in a discussion of artists and their strange ways, Anwuli noticed that Niyi was staring at her.
She refocused on his reality and pretended to laugh at joke she made – she wondered if she had seen right, he had this almost faraway look that seemed like he had finally seen something he had been looking for……..she shook her head convinced she was wrong and chucked it all up to her hyperactive imagination

Sunshine, butterflies and lightning…;)



  1. Niyi’s still a shit head!!! Now he can see her abi??? ODE-wimgies *sigh* now he’s gonna break 2 hearts by the time he wants 2 change girlfriends then Anuwil would like the Moroccan babe *weeping profusely now* oh why oh why!!! By the way is Niyi like Denzel HOT??? *fingers crossed*

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