Dreamwalkers Ep2

She had called my name and I had to focus…

“Focus, focus, focus”, I told myself
“Focus, focus, focus”, they echoed.
I had forgotten that at this point in their presence, my mind was as porous as a sponge.

“We’ll have to get you to level 5 soon – your mind is as clear as glass”. They spoke in unison like an acappella group under hypnosis……….
“Daughter of Eltul of the winds and Myrl of the silks, of the Walkers north of The Light…..”
This was a formal poetic that meant my father was a sailor, my mum a dressmaker and our tribe lived north of the mass that illuminated our world.

“Lita, we have observed your strength in your previous missions and your steady improvement in intelligence and the ability to obey instructions when necessary.”
I winced, apparently news of my stubborness as a cadet had reached their ears…..
” Hmmm oh well……”
Ykan smiled, or was it Ynak?

“We have a mission for you”
“Your graces”, I replied ” a mission?”

I was stunned, I usually got my orders from Central in my hometown Naiden. They always came from the forever grumpy Dran Link in the most un-ceremonious way – a message delivered to the private box I built into the wall of my room. Central’s spell encoding system ensured no one else could see the box which was necessary since I still live with my parents and all.
I only went to Central for de – briefing, seminars and the occasional party……..

“It is a a very delicate matter, one we can trust to only you. It will take a while, maybe longer but you must trust we will watch you.”

I was scared stiff – if I was getting a brief from the Twins themselves it meant no one else knew.

“Do I want this?”, I thought to myself “it may be quite the adventure”, my mind said “or not”,
“But they wouldn’t ask me if I couldn’t do it”, “wait! Could they have?”, “I don’t understand”, “maybe I should – they trust me”,
“Maybe I will”

“I accept the mission your graces.”


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