this is something I had written down in the few days leading to my convocation last year……it was a bitter-sweet time for me…..hope you like it : )
PS. Name’s have been changed but I love y’all all the same :*

I drew up a chair to get closer to them and the conversation – something to do with getting married which seemed to be the topic most of the time. I listened to anecdotes, true life stories and even threw in a joke or two as they came to mind but honestly, I was thinking about something else. I wondered what would happen after convocation, who would I talk to? – we laugh and argue, most times heatedly but all in all we learn and love………where was I going to find that again?. These girls are my friends and have been for the better part of six years……will I be able to make new friends? Toke had said once, as a joke, that I was socially handicapped. We all laughed about it but I agree. What’s going to happen if I see a pair of shoes Jamila would like and she’s not there to see it? Or when I see Ada’s favourite ‘shade’ of orange and feel like teasing her about her boyfirend’s gift in the same colour? I think I may be lonely, sad even…….
There’s laughter again as Wemimo imitates one of our lecturers- I laugh too, after all these are my friends and always will be.



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