Hidden Dragon

This was part inspired by a post on a blog I read that asked the readers to write three line poems (check that out here. I wrote a haiku that is part of this here piece. It was also inspired by a chinese movie…..well, the title to be precise. In my never-ending search for wisdom (plenty free time and excellent internet), I started researching the meaning of the phrase ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ turns out it’s a Chinese proverb that potrays the diversity of feelings/attitudes a person may have within that you may not see… Ok this getting long……just read and let me know what you think.

I wake up to see
Light- my heart it cannot see
What you’ve done to me

I stretch out my hands
So tough, my skin I can’t believe
What you made me be

I stand and I dress
Talons rip them all to shreds
What is wrong with me?

Fire rises in me
What is this thing that I feel?
I can see the wings

Wings that spread so wide
Heart – diamond, hard as ice
I begin to see

Hidden dragon, me
Towering high, the world to see
Your swift death shall bring.


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