Ice Queen

this is loosely based on true story… isn’t in any particular style……enjoy.

You really think you meant nothing?
You really thought I was fine?
That I couldn’t feel, couldn’t cry?
That my soul is not inside
But without,
Floating somewhere far away
With Hades or Poseidon
Dead or cold?
Did you really think
That it wouldn’t break,
That I wouldn’t cry?
That molten ice ran in my veins?
Didn’t I show you enough?
Didn’t I prove to you?

You really think
That I sit on my throne of marble
And diamonds set in white gold
Resplendent in a dress,
White, no not white
The colour of ice
Void of feelings, sorrow, grief?
It hurts that you think so,
An ice shaft through my heart
I bleed
And the warmth spreads
Changing the colour of ice,
Marble to wood,
White gold to yellow,
But diamonds stay diamonds.
My hair falls
Down and gets soaked,
I hope that now you see



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