Ice Queen

this is loosely based on true story… isn’t in any particular style……enjoy.

You really think you meant nothing?
You really thought I was fine?
That I couldn’t feel, couldn’t cry?
That my soul is not inside
But without,
Floating somewhere far away
With Hades or Poseidon
Dead or cold?
Did you really think
That it wouldn’t break,
That I wouldn’t cry?
That molten ice ran in my veins?
Didn’t I show you enough?
Didn’t I prove to you?

You really think
That I sit on my throne of marble
And diamonds set in white gold
Resplendent in a dress,
White, no not white
The colour of ice
Void of feelings, sorrow, grief?
It hurts that you think so,
An ice shaft through my heart
I bleed
And the warmth spreads
Changing the colour of ice,
Marble to wood,
White gold to yellow,
But diamonds stay diamonds.
My hair falls
Down and gets soaked,
I hope that now you see


About Jade

artist, architect, lover of music and gadgets.....


  1. Strong emo.
    Anty kilo sele?

  2. Mr. Sims

    This poem is kind of frightening. And not for the reasons you might think

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