1. Sir Greendown

This post is inspired by some events and not-so-events that happened recently…….first is a baby christening I attended recently. My colleague’s baby Iteoluwa Uredojo Adetunmbi is absolutely the cutest baby ever and looks nothing like his dad and everything like his ma. And it was his christening that inspired most of what I’m about to put up in this post……Second is a small part where a wish goes wrong in the movie Eragon while the third and infinity is the art of Miss Janelle Monae – the Metropolis and ArchAndroid albums have this awesome futuristic story threaded through awesome music and even though my last burden is quite heavy, I must say that these two albums have been a wonderful find and have helped inspire my mind, hands and are the source of the main characters in this post.
Hope you enjoy this story. Please let me know what you think.

My name is Anthony Greendown, well at least that’s what it is now…….I remember my real name, I’d rather not tell though.
So, I’m the famous billionaire Anthony Greendown – patron of Metropolis’ Bioroid Development Centre and the most eligible bachelor of the year 2715. Today I stand on the balcony of my penthouse suite with my glass of wine and celebrate my birthday.
As with all my birthdays, my tech – enhanced memory recalls its earliest file – the day of my christening……..
It was the 5th of September in a country now known as Neo-nigera……it seems interesting enough – people, food, wine but all I wanted to do was sleep………my mother, God bless her, had gladly handed me over to her friends so they could fawn over me….. She sat cuddled with my dad and smiled at every dumb baby joke that was made that day. She was proud of me, you could tell and my dad was besotted with us both.
After a few minutes, a young man stood up and after a few chants of ‘pastor’ from every corner of the room, asked to pray for me, he carried me and looked into my eyes and viewing that memory now, I realise he had exuded a strange presence in that moment that was odd for his years – my baby self on the other hand, could care less as shown when the memory fades into a fog of colours and muffled sounds as I fell asleep. A few minutes later someone nudges pastor and I wake up to hear the words “He will not die” and the small group surrounding him shout a hearty “Amen” in response. The memory fades again as my lazy baby self dozes off.
Years later, I came to find out that that day and more specifically that prayer was the source of my curse.
Cindi walks up to me in a dress I bought her on her birthday and a bottle of vintage wine from the year I was born as was our custom.
“Happy birthday darling”, she says
I smile at her, she is a wonderful reproduction of my beloved Cindi whom I had married and outlived – hopefully the lab guys at the Bioroid center would soon come up with the serum that would make my beautiful android completely human, I could hardly wait – I knew she had great things ahead of her.
“Thank you, Cindi”, I reply
And as we clink our glasses of 2011 vintage Chardonnay, I smile again in anticipation of many more years with my beloved Cindi Mayweather.
My name is Anthony Greendown and I am an immortal.



  1. I like it!

    BUT there’s this niggling urge to add ‘So Far!’ It feels like the first part of a two- or three-part tale that has left me yearning for the next part. The telling is good, the concept brilliant but to me, it’s just ‘not yet finished’…

    Good job! (…so far!) /:)

    1. Lol……that’s what my sis says about all my stories…… I will try I can promise that. 🙂 thanx!
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.

  2. Started reading reluctantly but ended up reading it twice. It catches on to u, dats a sign of a good piece. Succint and imaginative.

    1. 🙂 I plan to try…….its odd how Dorian never crossed my mind when writing this…..hmmmm *something to think about*
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.

  3. I should have guessed that 1st post was Janelle Monae inspired! It had a familiar feel to it as well! I love what u did with the inspiration! Awesome!

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