2. Miss Mayweather

sequel to the ‘Sir Greendown’ post….. Enjoy

“57821”, she announced.
I accepted. There was little else I could do. I was after all created and my programming set to accept the first set of numbers as my ID.
I was, no wait, I am special ….. The first of my kind – the Android 3000 series, the toast of the town and pride of the Cyborg-Bioroid Center Alliance. I was an Android….. you could say humanoid – all the fluidity, calm and beauty associated with humans but all the sensibilities and calculation of the Cyborgs…. I have 57800 – 57820 to thank for that.
I was perfect. Professor Towlin was beyond proud and showed me off to our biggest patron….. Anthony.

I remember when I first saw him,
Race: Predominantly Neo-Nigera, trace Eurasian DNA present, Weight: 80kg, Age: 30-39 years, disputable, Sex: Male, Body mass index: 22.2, Vitals: healthy……..”
My data processor continued to pour in data into my Central unit and file it away.
Then he smiled, extended his hand and said
“Hello, I’m Anthony”
“Ohayo, watashi wa 57821, dozo yoroshikun”,
Professor Towlin was a little embarrassed and explained he’d just downloaded the Nipponese language module and forgot to reset to English..
“Dozo yoroshikun”, Anthony replied
I smiled, it was one of the bioroid reflexes I completely understood.
“Demo, 57821, I don’t think it suits you much as a name..” He said as the Professor resst my language module to English.
“We’ll have to do something about that”
After a few minutes of talking with Anthony and the scientists, Professor Towlin led me away.
“She needs to have a few modules downloaded to get ready for tonight”
I searched my Central unit for any information that might clarify his statement and found none.
“5”, he said – he’d taken to using the first digit of my ID as my name.
“Your first social test run will be this evening with Sir Anthony”
“You’ll be attending a command performance by the Metropolis Dance Company”
He sighed
“5, darling, you have to remember what I said earlier about conversation, you know stringing sentences together? Single word answers will do you know good”
“I understand Professor, I’ll try to be more careful”
He smiled at me while detaching the transfer node
“That’s better, there’s an appropriate dress for the evening in the adjoining room. Join us as soon as you’ve changed”
That’s another big difference between my kind and Cyborgs- Androids don’t ‘generate’ 3d or skin clothes, we have to wear them…. in event of a crash a very naked Android would be embarrassing.
I touched the dress and my Central Unit droned on again,
“Composite fabric, Contents: 93% Silk, 6% Nylon, 1% 12k gold thread. Origin: Neo-nigera, Style: Couture retro, Designer: Feriga, Season: Harmattan 2714….
The bioroid half of me meanwhile enjoyed the lush feel of the fabric against my skin, the way it stretched when I wore it, the way the colour contrasted with my dark complexion.
“…….Style reminiscent of designer Victoria Beckham circa 2010…, cut-out back, single long sleeve, body forming, floor length, Current cost 3,00000 Metroliies,………”
I was already done dressing up and even back in with Sir Anthony and the others when my Central unit stopped analysing the dress.
They all stopped and stared and I registered astonishment, happiness and some worry from the faces in the room.
“You look awesome, 5”
The other techs echoed their agreement
“You still need a name though” this from Anthony
Everyone murmured agreement and began suggesting names
” Clara”, “Persephone”, “Zahara”, “Ziccorah”, “Simbi”, “Ada”………
“Cindi with an ‘i’ ” Professor Towlin said with a small smile to Anthony
“Yeah, Cindi……… Cindi Mayweather”
And so I was named, and as I left the lab with my arm in Sir Anthony’s, my Central Unit updated itself
” Android 3000 series, Patent no.: 57821, Alias: Cindi Mayweather.”



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