This is something I wrote a few years ago after one of my many daydreams…….

Do you ever have this feeling
That you’re not really here?
Your soul seems to float
Some place in the atmosphere
You sit in a crowded room
Can’t seem to hear a sound
And you’re sure, could swear in fact, your feet
Are not on ground

You look around
You gaze, you see, you begin to analyze
You’re wondering
If what you see is really through your eyes
You wonder
‘Am I human?, Do I really exist
Or has this all been a dream
With a really wicked twist?’

But then someone walks up to you
Smiles with arm outstretched
You breathe and cheer deep inside
‘Thank God it’s not a hex!’
You smile, extend your arm
And then look into their eyes
You giggle a little then you think
‘I may have just stopped time’


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