Tigers and Dragons

……been a while…. this is something I wrote a while ago (with a few recent tweaks and additions) around the same time I wrote this. I was getting really interested in Chinese culture and stuff….free verse. let me know what you think

There’s an Orient phrase

That describes a man and his ways;

His ability to become anyone

To change, to move, to act

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The crouching Tiger I understand

He is hidden, while life goes on

Waiting to learn, or tear limbs from hands

But how do you hide a dragon?

Behind a chair, in a lamp?

Maybe under the stairs in the house

Perhaps a dungeon out of sight…..

But who has dungeons these days?

Places to lock away our faults and evil ways..

We should all be scared of our Tigers

And be extremely terrified of our Dragons



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