My heart hurts
Like someone’s wringing it out
Trying to rid it of all the blood
I may be wrong about that
After all I don’t “have a heart”
So, yes, I’m probably wrong about that
Must be my lungs
Like someone’s wringing them out

So I can’t breathe
And its hard to talk
But my brain works fine
So I feel the pain,
And I smile

But that’s fine
Everyone’s happy, everyone’s pleased
With me
They like what I bring, how I smile
“See how she dances, with her wrapper firmly tied”
“Her hands are graceful with the beads around her wrist”
And so I smile
I ignore the pain threatening to steal the life from me
Everyone’s happy, everyone’s pleased

Happy Valentine’s day everyone. Take the time to peel back the layers your friends and family hide behind and truly love them…
Have a wonderful day!



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