Bird calls

Hi people, I’ve missed you.

It’s been so hard to write lately…

I thought I’d put up two ‘twitter stories’ I dug up from the archives and edited.

I’ll be back soon.





6th October 2012

It was many moons ago, I came out the front door and into the dark night – I was lost, in a haze.

I sat on the kerb with my feet on the cold tar that showed the road and absorbed the sounds of night.

These sounds, these voices, they spoke of years lost and hopes gone of love lost and wars won.

And they said, “We are Gaia, the thread of life in things animate or otherwise.”

I sat calmly not surprised but very, not afraid but worse, but still calm. The wisdom passed through me….

We became Gaia that night, an individual in a crowd and a crowd in an individual.

I went back in the house-through the front door. My big feet cold and my dark skin dry for the wind.

The stars followed me in that night – they never left.




February 3rd 2013.

Perhaps I am doomed.

Perhaps I am doomed to walk alone devoid of you and your smile and your….

And it makes me tired and weak because I’ve missed you my Sky, my heart…

It’s been months? No, years, no maybe…..

It doesn’t matter anymore – you’re gone.

Send my love to your father.

Tell him he didn’t ask before taking you, I’d have never given him permission…. But I love him anyway.

Remember to tell him I love him

Oh Sora, my heart aches trying to find a bridge to you without severing contact with this realm even though it bores me and it citizens annoy me –

They try to make me ‘real’ and ‘solid’…..

‘Get on with your life’ they say,

‘What life?’ I reply, ‘My Sun and Sky are gone’…

Perhaps I truly am doomed.


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