She lay sprawled on her bed fighting off the cold with a quilt her grandmother gave her during her last holiday in the village. She was convinced it was the ugliest thing ever but was eternally grateful for the warmth it blanketed her in. After a quick prayer, thanking God for grandmothers and hideous blankets, she fell asleep momentarily forgetting all the work and stress from that day.

“I was so sure she’d be asleep hours ago” said Achi

Dor smiled, amused at the newbie who had just joined the guard and happy about the decision made to mentor a younger squad for a time.

“I just wish I didn’t have to keep changing heights every time we get here, I mean who needs that many pink ribbons hanging from the ceiling” Eran said gesturing to the ceiling.

Elke laughed out loud. As the more sympathetic one of the trio, there were fewer complaints about human behavior.

Dor summoned them to sit in a circle above the bed and urged them to be vigilant while they went over the protection protocols.

As the Ophanim in charge of this family, the task of educating the newly knighted Ishim was one taken with all seriousness.  An Ishim squad was only created when the Lev became eighteen years in human counts and began to make most of their decisions independently.

“I know you have heard this over and over from your tutors at the Academy but your existence is for the protection of the Lev”, continued Dor

Elke, Achi and Eran sat around him crossed – legged and wings folded and paid rapt attention to the lecture Dor gave them.

Suddenly there was movement from the girl and Dor saw the incoming missile before the others

“Brace” came the loud shout, giving the order for the young Malaks to get ready to fight

Elke tore through the missile with arrows while Achi and Eran stood battle ready swords and guns drawn.

Dor made a mental note to recommend them to the Malakim council when the Lev reached her next milestone.

“Alright now, it’s over. Settle down and let me round off my lesson”

While Dor made a summation of the topics and Achi kept wondering in his head how long ago the wise Ophanim earned the ‘winged wheels’, Elke noticed dawn approaching and smiled.

They all looked down and noticed the girl had moved around quite a lot during the night

“Think she knows she’s at the edge of the bed?” said a worried Elke

“Wouldn’t that be something if she didn’t” replied Achi with a grin.





As a Christian, I’ve always wondered what listening in on my guardian angels would be like and tweeted as much once.

I had this story dancing around my head today and decided to write it down. I got to learn a bit more about angels and such in the process. If you’re interested start here.

Hope you like!





Achi: Hebrew name meaning ‘colleague’, ‘brother’, ‘partner’

Dor: Hebrew name meaning ‘generation’

Eran: Hebrew name meaning ‘watchful’, ‘vigilant’

Elke: Hebrew name meaning ‘God has purchased’

Ophanim: Hebrew word referring to a class of angels called ‘the wheels’ associated with the throne of God/guard the throne of God

Ishim: Hebrew word meaning a class of humanoid/ man – like angels

Lev: Hebrew name meaning ‘Heart’

Malak: Hebrew word meaning ‘Angel’

Malakim: Plural of ‘Malak’





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