Was cleaning up my hard drive and came across something I wrote for a magazine when I was 19. It was never published and I thought I’d share with just spelling error edits plus the title… Enjoy


Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Tom and Jerry, Snow White – I grew up knowing the attitudes of every character, lines of every song and even the weird facial expressions. My friends and I would sit round the television watching the absolutely magical antics of a mouse and a cat whose entire conversation was in ‘silent’. And although I have read that girls who watched Cinderella tend to be choosy when it comes to men, I absolutely loved that story, I still do. What bugs me though is not what my life used to be but what my life has become. Not just mine but the lives of others as well. It seems that while I still have an avid interest in many animated forms (the latest being anime) my generation is more interested in ‘growing up’ and leaving behind the world of Walt Disney, Marvel and Hanna Barbera and trading in for the real world of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (who by the way have some of the cutest kids I have ever seen), Quentin Tarantino, Miramax and Revolution studios. These ‘adults’ claim that cartoons and all things animated died with their childhood and the only cartoons they dare read are the newspaper funnies. As an adult whose transition occurred just a year ago, I find myself caught up trying to act all grown up so as not to look too out of place – I abandon childish stuff such as cartoons and games in exchange for the preferred adult hobbies of work, an American film and more work and frankly I think that is utter trash – you see, I failed to mention that I am an avid lover of all things animated. Although I admit I am no connoisseur, I would like to know why I have to give up cartoons in order to grow up. I am not affecting the state of the economy now am I? And what exactly constitutes ‘adult behavior’ and is there some rule in the constitution of this blessed country that says no person above the age of sixteen is allowed to watch cartoons or any other form of childish entertainment. Yes, I know you think I did not grow up properly (trust me you would not be the first to think that) but is there anything wrong with keeping in touch with that part of you that was once a child? To, even for a moment, trust your neighbor and laugh at all the silly things in life? To stop worrying for an hour or so? I do not think so. It is an absolutely heavenly feeling to rewind to a period in your existence where the phrase ‘office politics’ meant nothing to you. I am almost certain that there are many who still think that I am just a child stuck between phases…well although I agree; you would have to admit I am getting the best of both worlds.

That’s all folks!!



  1. Nice to always keep in touch with ur inner child, I still do however even my inner child Has grown to select a little more mature children content, I still like cartoons but of course I can’t sit down & watch teletubbies. Let’s say stuff like family man, the boondocks & southpark will do

  2. as in…southpark or family man DO NOT qualify as children content at all just as jayajade said. I remember the day I happened to set my eyes on family man at work and when I heard all the words exchanged, i was like…”Huh?!!! A kid must definitely not see this
    Yea, me too, all those disney cartoons, I do miss them a lot. Snow white, Cinderella, bug’s life, enchanted.., there was a time I had to buy the DVD of all those cartoons put together. Hercules, Gosh, do you know that song in Hercules “I won’t say I’m in love?’ Aladin’s “A whole New World?’ Beauty and the beast’s ‘Song as Old as time… so many…I can remember when I loved singing all those disney song…Maybe I’ll do my own nostalgia 😀
    I can imagine you singing them too…
    Now I miss peter pan and Wendy darling 😦
    And do you remember those kids shows of “Kids Say the Darndest things?” it was so cute….
    Did you see my Top 10 movies? Do come by and drop a comment.

    and why don’t you update your blog often?

    1. lool so much fun.. I just watched Hercules again on the Disney channel a few days ago…. sang along at the top of my voice….
      I’ll definitely be checking out the link thanks. as for not updating….. well sometimes I write, sometimes I draw so I’m in one of those spells where I don’t have anything to write but draw most of the time… I should have something soon though

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