Was out people-watching and saw these two people I wanted to write about. No ideas what their real stories are though 🙂

It was a bit of a eureka moment, an epiphany her big ‘Aha!’ moment.

She was his mistress.

She had tried to understand why after nine years nothing ever changed – she loved him, he loved her but they dated other people.

She remembered when they first met – the magnetism of it all, a brief moment in time that all stood still. They met again a few months later and shared a kiss.

That stupid, idiotic kiss that ruined her forever. Sometimes she found a partner she liked and enjoyed and she willed herself to love them to the point she really thought she did. It always took a minor unravelling of her mind for her to realise how wrong she was.

She loved him.

Way before he started dating The Girl. But he never asked and she was too much of a lady to push and so they were stuck. In that seven year period they dated she tried to keep away- focusing on her work and her loves. But he always seemed to be there, asking questions, discussing dreams, giving advice and sometimes those stupid – crazy kisses.

She fell hard.

She cut off contact not wanting to be the Man Snatcher but time and again they were back to talking, laughing and dreaming together. It seemed he had her number, name and keys to the bloody vault.

But today seated on the cute stool covered in fabric – after an afternoon of sharing dreams, giving advice and kissing, knowing that he and The Girl had been broken up for months now and he had still not asked to be with her, listening to him compliment her figure and her hair and her eyes a little more kissing before heading home – she realised she was indeed his mistress and perhaps it was time to let go.



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  1. Nicely done… Here’s one for you.

    Yellow pawpaw he said at first glance, she was awesome he thought , she’s probably one of those girls he concluded but he needed a sip of confidence to say hello. So he turned to the Bacardi on the table, picked the ice slowly to make time and sensible conversation in his head.

    “How do I begin” he thought to himself, “talk about the her hair so natural and lovely, no scratch that her attire seemed like a wonderful place to start?” He was going to make the move he said but as he drew nearer he thought again, I need food; so he took another long detour to order Chicken and Chips. Sigh! now it was certain he had lost his mojo, he charms might still be there but the mojo was long gone.

    Finally, no more excuses and he dashed, Chicken and Chips on the right hand, Coked-Bacardi confidence on the left hand and then…

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