Letters to Friend – #201

Hello Friend,


I’ve thought about death a lot recently

At a point I was sure I would not live this long

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I wasn’t right

The odd thing is I’m not scared

Of death, dying

I feel like I’m baiting Fate by writing this

Teasing her, pushing her to move.

Oh well…

Love’s been avoiding me for a bit


It’s fine really – I’m patient

My mother not so much

I just don’t want to repeat their mistakes

Maybe that’s why I’m holding back?


I have those in abundance

There’s a lot of the strange stuff 

The type I can’t explain

And some of the sane – 

The plans and wishes and games

Sometimes I have a particularly good one

A dream – a fantastical one

And I know it’s not real, not there

But I want to stay anyway

To not leave or have to wake up

No, not die – I’m not that crazy

I just wish it was my reality

I lied about Love


Must be a he


So Love isn’t avoiding me

He’s just trying to make me miserable

This is going to take a while to sort out 

And no, don’t want to elaborate

I’m sleepy now. 

So sleepy

But I really want to talk to you 

Even though you never answer me

Write when you can





  1. All is well that ends well…law of delayed gratification.” In the end all will be well,if it is not well,then it is not the end”-John Lennon. We all make mistakes,that’s why pencils have erasers.

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