Hey all ye people of the interwebs! It’s been a while. Here’s a piece I wrote a while ago. Its influenced by my great love for Japan and anime. Enjoy.




Drunk with rice wine under the cherry tree with only the winter’s moon for light.
We loved, and the spirits in the wind and in the trees, bade us drop our swords – a piece of our souls, that we may find each other.
But he would not give up his – his sword, the voice of a thousand dragons and the power of 300 kings would not leave him. So he walked away and left me there.
I picked up my soul, the part of me I was willing to give and pronounced the song to break the seal.
I cried pain as the snow drifted down, my sword and I we cried for what we’d lost and I swore to never thaw again no matter the loss.





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