I know – new post again? Hehe…. Something I wrote inspired by BlackMagic‘s ‘Shakara’, cabarets and costumes…

I want to edit it later ‘cos it didn’t come out the way I wanted but I think it’s okay for now.




Imagine this….

Dimmed lights, Leather cushioned booths, tables with scented candles and a without a single repeated flower arrangement, modern chandeliers with a touch of Pre-Pangaea glamour and tapestry inspired by Neo-Nigera history and culture


I love working here – the perfume, lights and sounds and the ever evolving music. Lady Maxxa could throw all the bourgeois soirees she liked but I’d pick the Red Room any day.

We’ve had more famous performers like Cindi M and Bar Mien and other lesser known like The Keys and Wandias perform here always with the Red Room Cabaret. The dancers always have on the most fabulous outfits and are celebrities in their own right.

It’s all so very glamorous and I often spend most of the night fantasizing about ditching this waitressing outfit for the dancers’. I even started taking dance lessons in the day – mostly ballroom stuff for now though since I do have some background knowledge already.

But I digress.

Of all the musicians that come in to perform, my all-time love is MazheeNua. He’s a young, dark twenty-something year old Neo-Nigeran who comes in to perform every two months or so. He’s cousins to the owner and friends with most of the staff at the club.

It took a while for me to really get into his music but there was this one performance that changed all that.

So imagine again, the Red Room all set up – it was Neo-Nigera night and MazheeNua was slated to perform. All of us waitresses were barefoot and had on these two piece silk outfits with the lower piece knotted at the waist.

That night guests trooped in all dressed up in old traditional outfits – like really, really old and there was this romantic vibe in the air.

I even remember some guests from that night – The loud Neo-nigeran business man with his fling of the month, the first date couple who were seated right next to the stage, you could tell the young man had scrimped and saved till he could afford those seats but the smile on his lady’s face was worth it. Then there was the oversized jock who came in late for his date and thought his girlfriend should ‘get over it’ and be nice to him.

As I ‘tsk-tsked’ after taking the order from the jock’s table I heard the MC begin the announcements,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Red Room cabaret. Tonight is a Red Room special from a friend from his new album 0.2, I present MazheeNua!”

The stage went dark and the house lights went dim and before anyone could hold their breath in anticipation, spotlights highlighted the Red Room dancers one after the other with the last beat in the intro bringing the lights to him.

As I moved around taking and bringing orders I took every chance I got to watch the stage – the dancers in their short silk two piece outfits with beads and gold hanging from every limb and the oversized basket weave fans they held while dancing on pedestals at the rear of the stage MazheeNua and the backup singer painting the picture of romantic love they were singing about.

I don’t know what it was exactly, the music, the lights, the fashion, the way he seemed to sing to me when I looked at him – I’m not sure. I do know though that that was the day I fell in love with music, his music.


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