Letters to Friend #305

Studio – In permanent renovation

The corner between my masterpieces

And critics’ reviews.

Drenched in watercolors


Dear Mr. Artist



My darling artist friend. I’d really like to be your earthly inspiration. I know you always say that you see the stars and the heavens and all that but I believe in having a solid ground point once in a while.

I do not have much experience as a muse though. My short career consists of a weirdly catchy rhyme by the class bully in primary four, choreographed dance by my boyfriend in SS3 and a series of unfortunate sketches by my lab partner in university.

Even though this list does not inspire confidence, I beg you to consider then my other career as an artist.

I have been moderately successful and have been lucky enough to present at various exhibitions. Inciting such passionate reviews as the one by the critic Gbade Kilanko

“… Miss Ojeah would do well to dump her brushes in favor of some other work. As she is technically correct but has no soul…..”

This is one of many such passionate reviews I’d love to share but due to space constraints cannot.

These experiences have contributed so much to who I am as a person that my art has seen its final expression in one color – white.

It is called ‘Invisible’ and I believe it is the greatest piece I have ever created.

Anyway, since I have exhausted all the colors available to me, I have concluded, rightly so I’m sure you’ll agree, that muse is the next step.

I sincerely hope you’ll consider me for this position so I can bring you so much inspiration you won’t know what to do with it.


Kind regards,

Burnt – Out Starving artist


  1. Lol.

    Dear Mr Artist,
    Miss Muse-to-be is only being modest. She did perform in another “musical” in SS3 where she gave a brilliant performance as the village princess. All clad in precious beads and native attire, gracefully strutting up and down the stage dancing to the beat of drums.
    I could go on and on about her artistic prowess but I wouldn’t want to make others envious.

    I do hope you find this reference in order, even though the author himself does not possess one artistic bone.


  2. Thanks for the reference….
    Lool!!! odd thing I was gisting the mother about this recently…. my memory of it is so foggy…. I just remember there was a lot of french involved 🙂

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