Musings. 346

Recently I’ve been thinking
About evolutions, backtracks
And giant leaps into the vortex that is time and space.
About the seeming inanity of it all.
Well, not all of it but the stress, worry and hyperdrive panic we put ourselves through in the process.
I’ve always thought, “I’d like a small farm and a home to call my own”
But mother’s prayers are always the same – success, distinction, fancy cars, children, husband.
Which are not bad things, and a family is a given for me, it’s just…
Can’t my wanting to slow down and enjoy my life, to earn enough to be happy, to spend my Saturdays languidly rolling about in hammock be valid as well?
Ah well.. I’ll keep taking those leaps and see where it leads me.
I just hope at the end of it all
It’s worth it.



  1. Hi Juachi,

    It’s been a while since you graced these parts with your presence. 🙂

    Keep leaping! Who knows with absolute certainty life’s path for our feet? We can only hope it’s an exciting worthwhile journey.

  2. Shall we dream the dreams that others dream for us?
    Shall we be constrained to the path others have carved for us?
    What would become of us when we’ve accomplished for others when our dreams still tug at us?

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