Lagoon City

This city’s crest should be a clock

With cartoon speed lines

And lit fuses, their proud colours

On two perpendicular sticks of dynamite

“We live, we die, we chase time”

Scrawled below in a kind of swanky Helvetica

In some god-forsaken language.

“Hail!, this city of dreams and hustle and hell”

We  yell after a swig of fake palm wine

“Hail!, her spirit free – no rules, no boundaries –

We can be anything we want to be”

Set to chaos and delirium is the rhythm

This city’s people sway

On and on they fall and fall

Till reason fades away.


About Jade

artist, architect, lover of music and gadgets.....


  1. Hi Juachi,

    This poem had ‘Lagos’ tatooed all over it, The visual image of that crest was spot on! Indeed, “We live, we die, we chase time”.

    Lol…Nothing else but Palmwine (albeit fake) would be fitting libation for the gods of this city. 😀

    Well done!

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